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Dear Friends,
Welcome to William H. Copeland Ministries. For more than half of a century, I have been preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been my privilege to be a pastor, teacher, counselor and community activist.  With technology it is now possible to share that wisdom (and wit) with a click of a mouse on the computer or even a tap on the latest smartphone.

Recently, I was reminded that my legacy is not brick and mortar but the lives that I have poured into. That can never destroyed or erased. My prayer is that my legacy--loving and serving God and loving and serving people--will be passed on for generations unborn.

My hope is also to preserve and share this wealth of experience and insights with other.

The destiny of the written word is unpredictable. The Apostle Paul never could have dreamed that letters he wrote in the first century would still be read by millions of people in the 21st century. So I cannot imagine at this hour, the possible longevity of the words I write today or whose life my words might touch.

My thanks to my son-in-law, John W. Fountain, for suggesting I start and designing this web site. 

In this space, I will share excerpts from sermons that I have preached over the years, wisdom from 80 years of living, and my opinions and insights on what is happening in the world today. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you.

May God bless you and make you a blessing.

-Pastor Emeritus William H. Copeland Jr.

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Continuing A Life of Service